Monday, August 24, 2009

Steel Shavings Names Index, volumes 1-40

Steve McShane is putting my Calumet Region Names Index for Steel Shavings, volumes 1-40 on my Steel Shavings site that is linked to the Calumet Regional Archives website. Since the list is so long, people can access the names according to the first letter of the last name. There are almost 200 names starting with the letter "A" alone, beginning with Carlos Aaron and ending with Miller realtor Gene Ayers. There are eight Adams (including Reyfanette in vol. 25 and Yiakesha in vol. 31), ten Allens (the most listings is for former Township Trustee Dozer T.), and 20 Andersons (including Gary windshield wiper mogul John W.). Under "S" can be found 34 Smiths, including Gary high school legends Earl (track star), Quentin (principal and Tuskegee airman), and John D. (coach). In addition there is a Smith-King, Irene, the wife of former Gary mayor Scott King. My favorite writer, Jean Shepherd, is listed as appearing in seven issues. There are 37 "Z's" - from John Zablocki to Harold Zweig with boxer Tony Zale having the most entries. Hopefully the site will be visited often.

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  1. “I noticed I appeared in the index five times before you moved the full index to your Steel Shavings site within the Calumet Regional Archives web site. Hopefully people will discover their names at that location.”