Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Lists

"The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you."  Barack Obama

President Obama traveled to Orlando to offer support and condolences for victims of the mass murders at PULSE nightclub and their loved ones and to praise the first responders and medical staff that have been treating the wounded.  What a horrible week for that community, as, to add insult to injury, an alligator snatched a two year-old boy walking in shallow water at Disney World.  A sign warned against swimming but not against alligators.  Eighteen hours later, the boy's body was found intact, the cause of death drowning.  Officials vow to euthanize the killer alligator.
Lorenzo Arredondo blasting Donald Trump with Jose Bustos on left; Post-Trib photo by Jim Karczewski
Lake County Democrats gathered in front of the Immigrant Support and Assistance Center (ISAAC) in East Chicago to castigate Donald Trump for his malicious remarks against California judge Gonzalo Curiel, a native of Indiana Harbor.  ISAAC manager Jose Bustos noted that anxious clients are asking for ways to transfer care of their children to others in the event that Trump becomes President and they are deported.
Responding to Post-Trib columnist Jerry Davich's interest in a summertime to-do checklist, one reader said she wanted to check out a new pizza place every Friday.  Former student Joseph Coates (above), an archivist at Purdue North Central, wrote: "Taking kids on vacation, finishing landscaping, pressure wash and stain the deck, clean the garage, drink beer, apply to graduate school, and get a paper ready for publication."   My wish list includes inviting Dean Mark Hoyert and History Department members to Gino's for Chris Young's July history book club presentation on Andrew Jackson and delivering free Steel Shavings copies to the Remarkable Book Shop in Merrillville.  Long range, I hope to take Toni to Ireland and conduct at least a hundred more oral histories pertaining to my adopted hometown in Gary, Indiana.

Celebrating his 57th birthday birthday, Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker savored a 12-inning comeback win over the Cubs, who nevertheless finished a nine-game road trip 5-4.  Baker comes from a long line of Cubs managers unjustly blamed for the team's century-long World Series drought.  I talked baseball with old friend Paul Turk, who lives in the DC area but is a diehard Cleveland Indians fan.  When he heard about the ceremony for Midge and my dad's gravesite, he said he'd have attended had he known about it.  In 1965 he drove from Ohio through a snowstorm to attend Toni and my wedding.

Samuel A. Love posted two photos of Miller Woods, one taken following a March brush fire and the other a contemporary shot on his 39th birthday, showing how much greener the forest affected by the fire is than the adjacent area.
Miller Woods photos by Samuel A. Love
Phil sought advice on suitable attire for his daughter Alissa's wedding.  I suggested something practical rather than a tuxedo "monkey suit."  When hippie-leaning  Ivan Jasper got married during the 1970s, guys in the wedding party wore denim outfits.  On the other hand, at a "lefty" friend's nuptials where I expected blue-collar outfits, guys wore tuxedos.  Both receptions were at Marquette Park pavilion where Dave and Angie was held.  Nephew Beamer's family will be visiting the weekend of Alissa's bridal shower, so wife Kim can go with Toni to Grand Rapids while the guys engage in board games.  Two summers ago Beamer loved attending Wade Game Weekend.

I'm reading Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now!  Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America" (2016), which Phil gave me.  The Grand Valley PBS station where he works is one of over 1,400 carrying Goodman's hour-long daily program.  When "Democracy Now!" aired commentary by death row inmate and convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal two decades ago, pressure from the Fraternal Order of Police caused Temple University to halt its airing on the campus radio station.  In 1999 Goodman reported on protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organization that niece Andrea Okomski participated in.
On Facebook Missy Brush (above with Marianne) wrote: "This was one of the greatest nights of my life!!!!  We finally got to see our favorite bucket list band, The Cure. They sounded unbelievable."

A new eight-hour documentary on O.J. Simpson revealed that his father was gay and that the then-married celebrity forced his future wife Nicole to have sex with him on their first date.  The irony is that while Simpson tried not to think of himself as a black man, in the end that's what got the jury to find him not guilty, given the tawdry history of the LAPD's treatment of minorities.

The ordering of my new Apple computer has been delayed while Ryan Vega in Tech Services figures out how to make a substitute request for a wired keyboard.  My last computer came with a miniature wireless device that I hated, so I continued to used an old keyboard that now sticks on certain letters, making capitalization difficult.  Meanwhile, I'm making do on a MAC located on the first floor of the library.

Ron Cohen just told me that Lotte and Seymour Meyerson died on the same day at an assisted living facility in Asheville, North Carolina.  Married in 1943 when she was 20 and he 26, they lived in Gary for 45 years beginning in 1952.  Lotte was President of the Gary League of Women Voters and head of the Northwest Indiana Open Housing Center.  Toni worked with her at the Center and on the 1972 MCGovern for President campaign.  A chemist, Seymour had worked on the Manhattan Project and then for Standard Oil.  They loved folk dancing and once had us and several other couples over for food, conversation, and dancing.  Lotte was active in Temple Israel and both were ACLU members.  They were good friends and role models.

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